Revolutionizing Sake and Blending Tradition with Innovation

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Sakesho has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the sake purchasing experience by combining artisanal traditions with modern technological conveniences.

This project aimed to create a comprehensive B2C mobile app that serves not only as a digital marketplace but also as an educational platform, making the rich heritage of sake accessible to a global audience.

Creating a Digital Presence

Sakesho needed their first online platform to enhance visibility and market penetration in a digital-first world.

Bridging Cultural Gaps

It was important to simplify the complexities of sake to make it accessible and appealing across different cultural contexts and audiences.

Educational Engagement

Giving users access to educational content would deepen users’ understanding and appreciation of sake.


We developed a mobile application that combines taste science with innovative technology to personalize sake discovery, enhance tasting experiences, and connect a community of enthusiasts through curated selections.

It was a multifaceted mobile application featuring personalized taste profiling, AI-driven recommendations, and an interactive sake database. In addition to designing an engaging user experience, it was built on scalable architecture, and supported by a robust backend infrastructure with a dynamic content scraper for an up-to-date sake database.

Sakesho mobile app screens

The Sakesho app has been approved and is ready for distribution to major app stores after an initial round of alpha testing. It will completely redefine how consumers discover, learn about, and purchase sake upon launching.

Looking ahead, we will be supporting Sakesho in its plans to expand its digital footprint by introducing an eCommerce ecosystem and multi-vendor marketplace, further enhancing the accessibility and variety of sake available to enthusiasts worldwide.

Explore the tradition and taste of sake in a modern way

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Sakesho Mobile Mockup of Sake Profile

Explore the tradition and taste of sake in a modern way

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