Fostering Daily Creative Practices Through Technology

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Messier, aiming to enrich daily life through creativity, faced the significant challenge of integrating creative play into the busy lives of its users.

We were tasked with designing and developing a minimum viable product that not only fit seamlessly into various lifestyles but also maintained consistent user engagement through personalized and scientifically backed creative exercises.

Integration of Creativity into Busy Lifestyles

Addressing the challenge of incorporating a daily creative habit into the increasingly busy schedules of users.

User Adoption and Retention

Ensuring the app continually engages users and encourages regular use through compelling content and features.

Scalability and Technical Execution

Building a robust platform capable of delivering personalized experiences at scale.


We focused on developing a mobile application that leverages scientific insights to foster creativity, enhance mental well-being, and unlock creative potential across a diverse user base.

It was a comprehensive end-to-end process involving user research, persona development, information architecture, content strategy, and iterative MVP design to build a product that seamlessly fits into various lifestyles and promotes creative habits.


Our focus on user needs and detailed research, combined with the use of the Flutter for scalable and rapid development, led to a successful launch with a 5-star rating on both Android and iOS platforms.

The strategic insights gained through the development process and launch have set the stage for future enhancements and sustained growth in user adoption.

Bringing you creativity one moment at a time

Messier Mobile App Screens Mockup
Messier Mobile App UI Components

Bringing you creativity one moment at a time

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